These new masks inactivate coronavirus in 5 minutes. CONICET Senior researchers participated within the path of the project. Breathabilityand odour management– combination of high-grade filters with the most superior moisture control know-how maximises consumer safety and comfort. As per the skilled, the motion of the antiviral agent continues to work as a result of it’s unaffected by changes within the spike protein of the virus, which is the method by which coronavirus mutates.

WO-A-03/ discloses a technique of forming its coatings of acidic polymers on fibrous substrates by polymerization of monomers on the fibre surface. The above- talked about technique in which the already-shaped polymer is deposited from answer or suspension onto the fibrous substrate is most well-liked as a result of the tactic of WO-A-93/ can leave traces of undesirable monomer on the floor of the fibres. An benefit of the filter materials of the present invention is that their antiviral activity could be such that an oral and/or nasal filter may be made in a lightweight type.

Product Description

Suitable acidic groups are carboxylic acid groups. The acidic polymer could also be cross-linked or linear. Generally for the current application non-cross linked, e.g. linear polymers are preferred. This is inter alia as a result of relative to cross-linked polymers non-cross linked linear construction can provide extra obtainable – COOH groups, and likewise non-cross linked polymers are simpler to dissolve and consequently to use within the preparative course of disclosed herein. Typical non-woven polyester materials discovered appropriate for use in this invention have weights g/m2 , though materials towards the upper end of this vary perhaps rather heavy for use in a face mask. For example supplies of weight g/m2 are most popular, e.g. ca.

US-A- 7,029,516 discloses a filter system for eradicating particles from a fluid comprising a non- woven polypropylene base upon which is deposited an acidic polymer similar to polyacrylic acid. US-A-2004/ discloses a filter material comprising a community of fibres with an acidic substance deposited thereon, which can be an acrylic polymer. US-A- 2005/ discloses a filter block which can be handled with numerous anti viral polymers, principally cationic polymers. The inside cloth layer of the mask -the one subsequent to the mouth and nostril- contains silver ions and other fungicidal and antibacterial compounds, along with polymeric supplies that enable the retention of those lively components. The outer cloth layer is treated with a product that has copper ions -which give the mask its antiviral action-, fungicidal, bactericidal and polymeric compounds.